About Us:-

FSRMC (formerly known as Free Souls Rider) started off in a very offbeat manner, but nevertheless we represent many talents coming together to chase a common passion- Biking. It was based on an idea to explore life inches above the road. A platform for all kinds of machines and bikers to be a part of one club with a common passion and drive was missing. That idea sowed the seed to form FRMC bringing all together –for freedom of their souls and longevity of the heart, binding them in one bond of brotherhood, one common passion –to go that extra mile to enjoy the ride.

It was founded back in the chilly winters of December 2011. The founding members were associated with different clubs & rides but the common platform for everyone, with various bikes, was missing. The endeavor began on 26 December 2011 and it’s growing in life and in the hearts of the riders.

Couple of months later the name was upgraded to Free Souls Rider. But the main turnaround came in Feb 2015 when it was re-christened as Free Souls Rider Motorcycle Club.

An amalgamation of a variety of personalities from all walks of life, joining together in our common interest of redefining the art of exploration and adventure!

There are doctors, lawyers, students, corporate honchos, businessmen, designers, marketing guys, journalists, entrepreneurs and many others, who are part of this group. Escaping from the daily hassles of life, we sing to the tune of rolling engines.

FSRMC has now broken the boundaries of being confined to a certain geographical location & has started to spread its wings around the country.


Motorbikes have always been associated with the idea of easing our lives, but we choose to differ on that conventional thought. We believe, even though there are risks involved in your passion, anything if done the right way can be fun and satisfying- both at the same time. An Adventure's safety does not depend on the brand of the bike but instead lies in the spirit of the Biker.


FSRMC has always been the seeker of trails & exploring the offbeat path. Our rides make us different. We thrive to achieve difficult feats and each achievement makes us stronger. More than riding it has been our second home, a family, we bank upon all the time.


  • Helmets are compulsory for both Riders & Pillions, and this is for your own safety.

  • During the course of a ride, Riders are not allowed to consume Alcohol or Narcotics.

  • Always follow traffic rules & regulations.

  • Rash driving, speeding, stunting will not be tolerated.

  • Females should also wear a helmet.

  • Any unwanted posts, any irrelevant topic, anything relating to religious or political discussions, or any sort of controversial topics will not be tolerated in the social media interactions. Any such thing found will be deleted with a formal warning.

  • FSRMC will not take any responsibility, whatsoever, for any individual's traffic violation, accident, unmet expectations, unpleasant experience either before, during or after the ride.

  • The organizers have the right to change/modify/cancel the event or end this group or page or anything related with FSRMC without prior notification.

  • Any individual failing to comply with the group's rules and decorum will receive a formal disciplinary warning. If aforesaid actions are repeated, we will be forced to enact cancellation of members and being banned from the page and the rides.

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Free Soul Riders Motorcycle Club

Biking is the way to nirvana, we live to ride longer and ride longer to live longer. The motto of

our rides is to create a general difference in society where there is no difference of anything. It's

about brotherhood which we will carry forward in the direction of patriotism and faith.

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