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This journal is dated to 2016 September when I was not even sure if I’d ever embark on this journey or not. I was working my week through job and one hell of a dissertation report I had to submit by 10th to the Institute of Exports in London. On the other hand, my close friend Disha who happens to be another travel junkie was organizing her first camp fest at Kanatal, near Dehradun. She was insisting on me joining the fest but I clearly told her I HAVE TO finish the dissertation first, but will make all efforts to make it.

On the 9th, Disha and her friends left for the fest and I was working through day and night to complete the report. Anyhow, after strenuous hours of reporting and documenting I finished and submitted the report on the 10th Sept by 1.45PM. Now, this was the moment of reckoning! I called Nikhil bhaiya from my beloved FSR group and asked him if it’s a good idea to leave now for Kanatal bearing in mind the route was not easy and had areas where you’ll find no man/network and I’ll be all on my own – a straight 330 something odd kms at this hour which would mean I will be driving in the dark half way if I start my journey by 2.30PM.

Nikhil bhaiya advised it’s doable, can give it a go! This was the first positive. I didn’t waste a single sec and packed what I can, saddled up my stuff on the ride and started on the journey from Delhi at 3PM.

Initially I encountered lots of traffic in the city and on borders till Moradabad but then it was a sweet ride till Roorkee, this was the first and only break I took for some juice as I was famished. Then began the real part, the sun was setting, getting dark by the hour and time was ticking. I quickly saddled up again and started off.

By the time I was at Rishikesh, it was already dark and I found myself navigating on my own with less clue of where’s what. What added to the flavor was rains and fog - as I began the climb on the mountains it started pouring down and the fog came in. I was literally scared by that time – no network, no light, no way to go. I was navigating my way seeing the side lines of the zig-zag roads (actually no roads in the sense there was no tarmac, just mud and slush). At this point I prayed to God, to please be kind and stop at least one thing and in a while I saw a silver lining in the dark. The rain stopped which was a relief.

I was just following the roads based on my previous riding experiences which was my only guide and companion at the moment. After almost an hour and half of driving like this, I think at 9.30PM I reached Chamba; have to say felt so good. Stopped to quickly grab some rum and started again for Kanatal which was now about half hour from where I was.

At last I reached Kanatal, called Disha where the hell is fest, it’s all dark here and I can’t see nothing. She was at first taken a breath and thought I was joking but when she realized it’s all for real, she came out to find me and rest is a beautiful story which I would let you see through my lenses.

Blessed morning!!!

A flower that blooms in the adversity is one of the most beautiful

Now it was time to go for a trek into the woods

After we reached the peak of the hill, we did some jamming, how could we go back without enjoying some music :D

By the time we reached back to the camp site,it was evening and as we all would have imagined,it was time for some party!

And campfire

It was one memorable day, so much fun!!!

Next morning I woke up early to embark on another quick trail to Tehri Dam. This was amazing! Have a look at this spectacular view.

Morning done right!

Now it was time to return to where I belong, but wait, see what I encountered along the way!

This was clearly one hell of a crazy trip and is definitely going down in the memory lanes.

At the end of this journal, I want to thank my FSR group for always being the guiding source and motivating me to take on some unknown trails that made such fantastic memories.

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