Juncture in Zoji La

In this moment of adventure I met many travelers with people clicking pictures, sharing stories and predicting various stories about clearance of highway.

As I started early morning from Srinagar towards Kargil. Weather was pleasant and was expecting a mild-mannered, refreshing and affable ride till Kargil.

Also mighty Zoji La was anticipating me which is famous for its splendid isolation. At the top elevation of Zoji La and 5kms before Zero point we faced snow avalanche. While moving forward a gigantic wave of snow was approaching me. Seeing that my mind completely blanked out. I was lucky enough thanks to the Almighty as it missed me by a few meters.

I parked my bike and got to know from another commuter that some 20 vehicles including mine were blocked from both side as 5 minutes ago there was another snow avalanche occurred which blocked us from both end. Although it was a natural disaster and an adventure for me as I was sure that it's going to take an hour or 2 to clear NH1. It was a tense moment each time we saw a little wave of snow falling towards us.

In this moment of adventure I met many travellers with people clicking pictures, sharing stories and predicting various stories about clearance of highway.

After painful wait of 3 hours snow cutter machines arrived and my face was full of delight. It took 7-8 hours to clear the route and the road was super messy with a melted snow and mud all around till 400 meters.

When we got a green signal to move forward we were faced with another task, to cross that route filled with full of mud. I thought in mind that adventure is ok but never expect to have an adventure where a surety of fall or any mishap. With no other options in hand

Once we got the green signal and we were good to cross that route which is a huge task for me. Although even executing may such routes this is another task which needs lot of temperament and self-belief. For a second thought came in mind praying almighty God about adventure where risk factor is hovering and usually we use to blush up above sky and pray : “Bhagwan kyo le rahe ho yar humari” but what going to crop up in next few minutes will also lead to any kind of failure or mishappening.

With no other options in hand I took a deep breath and remember Lord Mahadev. I took off my riding jacket and bind it on top of my luggage. I start my bike and crossed that worse ever unexpected dirt ride mud route surprisingly with no fall. At last when I reached ease point I parked my bike and saw a full boost clapping from both end.

That moment really boosted me high with a lot of emotions with hell lot of sweat on my head. That moment reminds me a proud articulation with Free soul rider family which is perceive for hardcore riding. Thanks to all brothers for their support and love.



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